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Victory Forms

A signed release is required for all Victory Stable visitors. 

Please click here to sign online for the Release Wavier.



Unless working an AM shift

These rules and guidelines are to promote the best health, safety and comfort conditions for all animals and people. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

EVERYONE on VS property must sign a release immediately upon entering the property if a release has not been signed with the past 12 months. If under 18 parents must sign the release.

Everyone must be given and follow the barn rules, for a safe operation!


  1. Always be cautious walking up to and around a horse.

  2. Never lead a horse under another horse while cross tied. Either go another way or have someone help you.

  3. Do not allow horse to roam loose or nose up to other horses.

  4. Do not enter ANY stall without horse owner’s permission unless working a shift and have been

    properly trained.

  5. Do not feed any horse at any time unless it is your horse or specific written directions have been

    provided by owner or management.

  6. In case of a loose horse, calmly notify all in area and ask for help. Do not run after the horse.

    Close road gates. Perimeter gates must be secure.

  7. Do not enter any field or stall if you are not qualified to do so. Must have a responsible adult to

    obtain a horse or pony from the pasture, unless special permission from instructor or owners.

  8. No horse or pony is to be handled or ridden unless permission is given has been granted by the

    owner, or arrangements have been made with staff.

  9. NO MINORS UNDER 18 can ride off farm property unless they own a horse and have

    permission to do so.


    qualified adult is on the ride.

  11. Do not ride on surrounding neighbor’s property, especially manicured areas. Kick all manure

    off driveways and paved areas when riding. If necessary, dismount.

  12. When properly tacking, do not cinch tightly until you prepare the horse to mount away from cross

    ties. If cinching is a problem, have an attendant help you in arena.

  13. Do not mount, dismount, or ride any horse in any of the barns.

  14. Do not run your horse back to the barn.

  15. Leave no saddle marks on horses and cool down horses correctly.

16.Keep any harmful items out of horses’ reach (treat bags, sharp objects, strings, rakes,

wheelbarrows, etc.). No metal tools in horse areas.


  1. Instructors must sign in all lessons including Work to Ride lessons.

  2. During instructed lessons and lease riding all minors must wear a helmet unless written

    permission from parent/guardian. Helmets are advised for all.

  3. When lessons are in process-- Instructors with students have priority in the arena. Be respectful

    as these are our clients and they are here to learn. No loose horses during lessons; no lunging without others permission, walk only keeping to walls or ask instructor to divide arena in half. Do not overcrowd the arena. Use outdoor arena whenever weather permits during lessons. Do not cause distractions like screaming, running, or talking to instructor during lesson.

20.If a minor stay on the farm without parent/guardian for more than 2 hours, they will be expected to do barn chores and/or assist shifts as requested.

21.24-hour notice must be given if you cancel a lesson


General Rules

22. When a shift is in progress, do your best to stay out of their way until they get the work done. 23. All stall mucking must be dumped out of the wheelbarrows into assigned area or tractor.
24. Keep the barn doors open at night unless it is below freezing.
25. No turnout for Horses with blankets on.

26.When arena is in use be respectful of others activities. Do not open gates or doors when they are near.

27.Sweep up after you and your horse! When tacking up, clean up before you move horse. EVEN IF NOT YOURS, CLEAN IT UP Someone else has done it for you before!

28.24-hour notice must be given if you cannot work your shift by notifying another member on your shift and inform them who will be covering for you.. Adhere to barn shift procedures. 29.Hang up hose, drain it and roll it back up when done. Do not wash anything down the drain

except water.
30.All personal tack and personal items are your responsibility. VS is not responsible.


31. Lobby time is limited, cleanup is necessary. The lobby is a privileged convenience not to be abused and is for the benefit of our business customers.

32. Do not use stables’ (or other peoples) saddles and equipment, grooming boxes, halters and lead ropes. Stable equipment is for taking a lesson or leasing. When used, return all equipment to its proper place.

33.Outside dogs on property only after permission by Stable Owners.
34.Immediately report to staff all accidents, illnesses, injuries, or unsatisfactory conditions
35.All machinery and tools are to be used by authorized personnel only.
36.If main front gate is closed, make sure it stays closed except in AM SHIFT. Last person leaving

is responsible to check barn and be certain lights, water, music, coffee pot-- all off.
37.All horses in stalls are on a turn out schedule. Do not turn out your horse unless you check with

38.Do not turn out horses in a field they are not supposed to be in or there is not turn out for that



39.No smoking anywhere on property.
40.No alcohol or drugs.
41.No gossip or profanity – if nothing nice to say, do not say anything at all.
42.No running, yelling or inappropriate behavior in barn or around horses.
43. Any abuse, violence, or inappropriate behavior on entire property towards anyone or any animal

will not be tolerated. This will end up in disciplinary action and loss of barn privileges.
43. Adhere to VS dress code at all times posted throughout the barn.
44. Throw away all garbage; keep all areas clear of pop bottles, candy wrappers, cups, and food.



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